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We know that each of your baking experiences means passing on happiness to your love ones. We put our heart into sourcing quality raw material throughout our 20 years’ journey, specialize in raw material sourcing such as milk powder, cocoa and chocolate. We have become one of the largest importer and distributor in Thailand under a slogan “A name you can trust”, bringing the best to Cake and Bakery industry. We believe that the heart of baking begin with the right raw material that you can trust.


We source varieties of cocoa to match with your need. With over 20 years of experience our products has become the cocoa of choice for bakery enthusiast. It’s not only the taste but more importantly the scent that it add to your recipe of happiness for your loved ones. Available in standard colour, suitable for a cup of homebrewed cocoa or dark brown colour for bakery and ice cream.



Chocolate was purely consume as beverage until 16th century when sugar was added and it gain popularity in the royal court and then to the common people. The modern chocolate era started in the 18th century when it is available in form of powder, solid and milk chocolate was invented. It’s all begin with quality raw material, ISM Food Products bring in the best chocolate of our pick available in different forms await for you to manifest your dream through this ingredient of happiness.

Milk Powder

Imported from New Zealand, one of the world’s best origin for export milk powder available in different forms for your usage, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, anhydrous milk fat, butter milk powder, milk protein concentrate and whey powder. Manufactured using high technology machinery to the highest standard with spray-drying fresh dairy ingredients. We are proud to be a part bringing in this smoothness in taste to your table.


Our Products

We carefully handpicked selections of premium raw ingredients, as we know that the true taste that would touch people’s spirit is the taste that baked with the heart. We committed to place our heart and passion in the same way, Cocoa, Milk Powder, Chocolate and others imported ingredients under ISM Food Products are selected under strict quality control. We choose only the best to be a part of your masterpiece.

Recommended Products

Cacao Rich Logo

Cacao Rich Cocoa Powder-Dark Brown Colour / 10-12% Cocoa Butter (120 Baht/pack*)


Cacao Rich Cocoa Powder-Standard Colour /10-12% Cocoa Butter (120 Baht/pack*)


Cacao Rich Cocoa Powder-Dark Red Brown Colour / 10-12% Cocoa Butter (120 Baht/pack*)


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